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TO: All Design Section Staff - 47340
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: May 30, 2000
SUBJECT: Archiving Design Calculations, Design Files, and S&E Files

Our process for keeping records of design calculations, design files, and S&E Files has been identified as an opportunity for improvement. Thanks to the hard work of Gary Battin, Jerry Plesha, and Tim Banning, the office is instituting a new Archiving process for these important documents. The process is:

1) Upon Award, the Design File, S&E File & Design Calculations will be collected by the Bridge Standard Plans Engineer.

2) A record will be kept of the location of each file. Most files will be placed in a temporary storage space (X-2 file cabinets marked as "Design Section Document Temporary Storage"). These cabinets will be locked up, and only the Bridge Standard Plans Engineer, the Scheduling Engineer, and the Office Administrator (Administrative Assistant) will have keys to them.

3) If a designer wants to keep the Design Calculations through the construction process that will be noted so we will know the location of each file. The designer will be responsible for the safe keeping of all calculations and files that are kept.

4) If a Bridge and Structures Office staff member wants to get access to a file, they will request the file from the Bridge Standard Plans Engineer or the Scheduling Engineer and they will check out the file to them, noting the date and person's name. If a person other than a Bridge and Structures Office staff member requests one of these documents, the approval of the Bridge Design Engineer or Bridge Engineer will be required for the release of the document.

5) Upon physical completion of the contract, the documents will be boxed and sent to GA Archive storage in Tumwater, except as otherwise approved by the Bridge Design Engineer.

6) A record of the documents location and archive status will be kept by the Bridge Standard Plans Engineer, and will be located on the "N" Drive and on the Bridge and Structures Office internal website.

These records are not only critical for the design and construction process, but also as a reference for the future. Your careful use of this process is requested.


cc:     J. A. Weigel - 47340

        H. L. Coffman -47340

        F. Higgins - 47340

        C. Quaintance - 47340

        E. Henley - 47340

        A. Young - 47340