March 7, 2005

TO:                  All Design Section Staff - 47340

                         Bridge and Structures Office

FROM:            J. Kapur

PHONE:          705-7209

SUBJECT:       Mylar Modification Policy

This policy is for mylar modification of shelved, consultant jobs to ensure that all jobs going out of the Bridge and Structures Office are consistent. Minor or non-structural changes may be made to the existing mylars while retaining existing signatures. To meet current design practices, details on some signed mylars may need changes. The following procedure is proposed for all shelved, consultant jobs that need to be updated:

  • Make one full size and one half-size paper copy of all original mylars before attempting any changes.

  • Make necessary changes to the original mylars.
    a.  New text and/or details may be placed on the mylars with opaque labels.
    b.  Where a label is not the best option, erase or remove as required and redo with plastic lead or ink.
         Since there are various types of mylar and ink applications, choose the one that is most appropriate.
    c.  Where a complete detail is to be replaced, cross out the existing detail on the mylar and direct the reader
         to a new sheet where the updated detail will be placed. New sheets will be printed on full sized mylars,
         and will be signed and stamped in house by the engineer updating the plans and the Design Unit Supervisor.

  • Send all (unchanged and updated) mylars to printing services for reproduction. Be sure to request copies and not prints so that opaque labels will reproduce correctly. Contract plans will be prepared from these copies.

  • Cloud changes in red on two sets of copies. As a courtesy to the consultant send one copy of the clouded sheets with a memo outlining the changes, and keep the second copy in the Bridge and Structures Office for our records.

  • File all mylars with the set of full size paper copies made of the original mylars.