April 1, 2004

TO:                  All Design Section Staff - 47340

FROM:            J. Kapur - 47340

PHONE:          705-7209

SUBJECT:       Spiral Lap Splice Deleted

The spiral lap splice detail shown on page 9.2-6 of the Bridge Design Manual shall no longer be used. It is also being deleted from the MicroGDS library and future LRFD edition of the BDM. Only welded lap splice detail shall be shown in the plans. If a contactor prefers to use the lap splice option, the request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Although the lap splice detail is structurally acceptable, and permissible by the code, it causes construction challenges. While casting concrete, the tremie gets caught in the protruding 10 in. hooks, making accessibility to all areas and its withdrawal cumbersome.

If there are any questions regarding this, please contact Jugesh Kapur at 705-7209



cc:   J. A. Weigel, Bridge and Structures - 47340

       F. Higgins, Bridge and Structures 47340