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TO: All Design Section Staff - 47340
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: April 17, 2000
SUBJECT: Modification of Bridge and Structures Office Policy Approval to use of 11"x17" Paper Plan Sheets

Stamped, signed, and dated 11"x17" paper copies shall be used effective the date of this memo. For projects already completed with signed mylars, the PS&E process will continue as before. Please refer to the attached Bridge PS&E Process flowchart for the revised PS&E process associated with the use of 11"X17" signed paper plan sheets.


A Plan Process Improvement team recommended that stamped, signed, and dated 11"X17" paper copies be used to save both time and money in our PS&E process. The team consists of John VanLund, Team Leader, Ray Shaefer, Jeff Rudeen, Barbara Johnstone, Harvey Johnson, and Joe Fahoum. Almost all other WSDOT offices use 11"X17" paper copies for Ad copy distribution. WAC 196-23-010 Stamping and Seals, effective 8/15/99, permits signing of reduced size paper contract plan sheet seals.

The Bridge Office's material and direct labor savings are estimated to be $3 to $4 per plan sheet plus additional savings of $25,000 that we were planning to purchase. Our costs do not include equipment costs. OSC Reproduction's costs are $6.78 for 22"X34" mylar and $0.25 for an 11"X17" paper copy for a $6.53 savings per sheet.

The team is continuing to look at an electronic plan delivery process for further cost savings. The Electronic Authentication Act of 1996 (RCW 19.34) as amended and House Bill 1542 (56th Legislature 1999 Regular Session), provide the authority to use electronic signatures. Additional signature security software development and stakeholder discussion needs to occur before a totally electronic plan delivery process is implemented.



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