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TO: All Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: April 13, 2001
SUBJECT: Prestressed Girder Stops

This bridge design memorandum applies to all prestressed girder bridges in Western Washington (within and west of the Cascade mountain range).  Prestressed girder bridges with girder stops at end or intermediate piers shall meet the following requirements:

 BDM, Chapter 9 will be updated with this change in the near future.



The February 28, 2001 Nisqually earthquake caused significant damage to girder stops at bridges where girder stops were not provided between all girders.  In cases where girder stops were cast prior to placement of girders and the 3” grout was placed after setting the girders, the 3" grout pads were severely damaged and were displaced from their original position.   

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please contact Bijan Khaleghi. 



cc:      J. Weigel
      E. H. Henley
      H. L. Coffman, 47341
      R. Lewis, 47354
      J. Fahoum