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Native roadside planting
Established native roadside planting along I-5 near Blaine

Roadside restoration is the use of planning, design, construction, and maintenance activities to restore roadside plant communities according to designated roadside character and Roadside Classification Plan provisions.

Roadside Restoration Resources
The Roadside Policy Manual coordinates and guides the management of Washington’s highway roadsides within a framework of roadside character classifications. It provides policy and criteria for roadside restoration and advocates the use of native plants, integrated vegetation management (IVM), and a long-term management approach to achieve sustainable roadsides.

The Roadside Manual establishes a common basis for consistent roadside management decisions statewide. It shows the links and coordination necessary between all WSDOT partners responsible for roadside activities. In addition, the manual supplements statewide roadside criteria established in the Roadside Classification Plan.

The Design Manual provides policies, procedures, and methods for developing and documenting the design improvements to the transportation network in Washington

Specifications: This link includes the most current construction specifications, amendments, & general special provisions. Roadside Restoration is found in Section 8-02, Planting is found in Section 8-02.3(8) and Materials are located in Section 9-14.

Roadside Funding Matrix (pdf 273 kb)
Design Decisions Summary– Roadside Restoration Worksheet (xls 46 kb)
Puget Sound Map (pdf 292 kb)
Washington State Roadside Classification Map (pdf 283 kb)

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