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In addition to roadside restoration, WSDOT Landscape Architects and designers restore according to regulatory requirements. Types of regulatory related projects include (but are not limited to) wetland mitigation, stream restoration and wetland/stream buffer enhancement. 
SR-18 stream mitigation
SR-18 stream mitigation

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Standards of Success for Wetland Mitigation
The Wetland Mitigation Standards of Success Study was a project of the Roadside and Site Development Unit of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). It was designed to identify scientifically-based benchmarks for establishing vegetation success standards on wetland compensatory mitigation projects.

Phase One of this study included a literature review of plant succession in Pacific Northwest wetlands, identification of potential study sites, a pilot study, and a recommended work plan for Phase Two.

Phase One Report (pdf 130 kb)
Annotated Bibliography (pdf 57 kb) of research on wetland ecology and success standards in wetland mitigation

Phase Two of this study surveyed and documented structural characteristics of vegetation within forested and scrub-shrub zones of wetland mitigation sites 6-11 years old. Each site was freshwater, located within the Puget Trough of Washington, and contained established stands of woody vegetation. Quantitative data were recorded on cover and density of woody vegetation, as well as cover of reed canarygrass. Additional qualitative observations included hydrology indicators and hydrogeomorphic settings, soils, herbaceous vegetation, and surrounding land use. Through this data, benchmarks for performance standards were proposed for forested and scrub-shrub components of wetland mitigation projects.

Mitigation Benchmark -Phase Two Report (pdf 239 kb)
The study was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and WSDOT.

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