Design - WSDOT/ACEC-WA Executive Liaison Committee

WSDOT/ACEC-WA Executive Liaison Committee includes representatives from WSDOT HQ Design and ACEC.  These teams meet, discuss and serve as a resource for establishing Design policy, procedures and process improvement. 

If you would like to place an item on the meeting agenda, please contact the Lead or Support listed.

Team Meeting Minutes

WSDOT/ACEC Washington Executive Liaison Committee
Lead: Steve Roark and Linea Laird
Team Charter (pdf 25 kb)

Meeting minutes:
September 2020 (pdf 76 kb)
August 2020 (pdf 65 kb)
April 2020 (pdf 64 kb)

Local Programs Project Awards (pdf 412 kb)
Local Programs Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

WSDOT/ACEC Washington Business Administration Subcommittee
Lead: Ahmer Nizam
Team Charter (pdf 25 kb)

Meeting minutes:
October 2020 (pdf 41 kb)
September 2020 (pdf 45 kb)
July 2020 (pdf 48 kb)
June 2020 (pdf 37 kb)
May 2020 (pdf 65 kb)
April 2020 (pdf 64 kb)

WSDOT Projected Design Opportunities for Consultants (xlsx 95 kb)

WSDOT/ACEC-WA Project Delivery Subcommittee
Lead: Mike Fleming
Team Charter (pdf 32 kb)

Meeting mintues:
July 2020 (pdf 284 kb)
May 2020 (pdf 123 kb)

WSDOT/ACEC-WA Structures/Geotechnical Subcommittee
Lead: Mark Gaines
Please visit their subcommittee website.

WSDOT/AGC/ACEC-WA Design-Build Committee
Lead: Art McCluskey
Support: Jolena Missildine
Please visit their subcommittee website.