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US 101 - Bagley Creek and Siebert Creek - Remove Fish Barriers

Project overview

This project will eliminate multiple barriers for fish under US 101 near Port Angeles and open 41 miles of potential habitat for spawning salmon and resident species. Once complete, the work will simulate what is found in a natural stream bed.

Crews have removed and replaced several outdated culverts at Bagley Creek and Siebert Creek between Port Angeles and Sequim for improved fish passage. Crews have removed five existing culverts; two that run underneath both directions of the US 101, two along James Page Road and one along South Bagley Creek Road.

Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2021
Project status
$36 Million
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What to expect

Throughout construction, travelers have encountered shifted lanes, reduced speeds and intermittent lane closures to allow heavy equipment to enter/exit the highway. Most work has taken place beneath the highway in the waterways below.

All lanes at both Bagley and Siebert Creek have reopened. Crews are wrapping up final task items like site clean up, sign and guardrail installation through late Dec. 2021. Any additional lane closures will be announced in advance. 

Crews will install three additional culverts for the East Tributary to Bagley Creek, one under South Bagley Creek Road and two under James Page Road.  Once complete, Bagley Creek's potential habitat gain for fish is approximately seven miles.