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SR 155 Spur-Okanogan River Bridge Modification and Pedestrian Bridge

Project overview

This project will rehabilitate and widen the existing SR 155 spur vehicle bridge that crosses the Okanogan River into downtown Omak (Bridge No. 155/111SP). Existing sidewalks on both sides of the bridge will be removed to widen the total driving width of the bridge from 20 ft. to 26 ft.

Widening the driving area of the bridge to two 11 ft. lanes with shoulders will allow large vehicles to travel safety across the bridge. The project will also scarifying the existing bridge deck and apply a concrete overlay to improve the driving surface and extend the service life of the bridge.

Additionally, a 14 ft. wide multimodal bridge to the north of the vehicle bridge will be constructed. This bridge will be suitable for pedestrian, bicycle, and horse use.

Present - Fall 2025
Project status
$15.8 million

What to expect

Construction will require two seasons.  The pedestrian bridge will be constructed first to ensure pedestrian access will be maintained.  During that work, the existing bridge will function as normal, accommodating both pedestrians and vehicles with only typical minor construction delays. 

The following year, sidewalks will be removed and the lanes will be widened on the vehicle bridge. A detour in US 97 will be necessary during the 2025 construction season.