Economic & financial planning publications

This site has budget and financial information relevant to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), including facts on transportation budgets, financial planning, forecasting, economics and financial reports and presentations.

State-by-state fuel tax comparison

To determine how Washington compares to the other states in the nation, WSDOT analyzes data from other states to learn what taxes are imposed on fuel used by cars and trucks traveling on the nation's roads.

County-by-county comparison

The county-by-county analysis seeks to address the frequently asked question: "Where does the money for our state's transportation system come from and where it is spent?"

2019 County by County Comparison (PDF 2.2MB)

Vehicle expenses

Average costs for traveling in a typical passenger car in Washington state.

Fuel and Vehicle Trends Report

This report is a summary of articles appearing in popular, business and technical media related to the affect of fuel costs and fuel efficiency on vehicle technology, development and markets. It also compares the latest monthly actual vehicle registrations, fuel prices, consumption and revenues to the current forecast.

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14 fish passage projects were completed in 2020

improving access to 54.2 miles of upstream habitat.

11,959 incidents responded to

by WSDOT’s incident Response teams during second quarter of 2021, 15% more than same quarter in 2020.

41 Pre-existing Funds Projects Advertised

during the eighth quarter of the 2019-2021 biennium.