CMS training

New Users

  1. Learn how to get content ready for the web
  2. Learn how to use CMS:
  • You can watch the CMS video trainings
  • Or visit the links below to get step-by-step tutorials with screenshots and text


News releases and project pages must be done in our Drupal content management system

A major advantage to using CMS is the defined workflow. Every CMS user has a specific role that outlines permissions and tasks.

Instructions on uploading and inserting images into CMS.

Check the advice offered here to see what steps to take to fix common errors.

Instructions on how to save a new page in CMS.

Instructions on editing existing pages. Existing pages can be edited anytime, as long as you have permissions.

Learn how to create a regular page by following these step by step instructions.

Use tables only when the text can't be adequately displayed using bullets or numbered lists. Tables have accessibility problems and should be used sparingly.

Instructions on linking to PDF, Word, or other documents within CMS.

Formatting options are available in the CMS toolbar. They are similar to the basic choices you will find in Microsoft Word.