Commercial Vehicle - How to register as a permit agent


Private businesses can become permit agents to issue State of Washington oversize and overweight permits. A one-day initial training program, signing a user agreement, and taking an online refresher training every 2 years is all that is required to allow agents to issue permits to trucking companies. 

How do I register to be an Agent?

WSDOT is not accepting new agents.

What permits can an Agent issue?

The permits are listed on WSDOT's Commercial Vehicle Services (CVS) Web page under Permit Types and Applications . There are currently 23 agents inside Washington as well as outside the state.

Once initial training is completed and an agreement signed, a login and password will be assigned to use at the eSNOOPI login screen.

WSDOT has an expectation that an Agent will issue at least 30 permits in a 3 month period. If the total permits issued by an agent fall below 30 permits in a 3-month period, the agent will be subject to having their access to the permit system terminated. 

Computer and Payment Requirements 

If you have any questions please contact Justin Heryford, Permits Program Manager 360-705-7987.