Update a Transponder

Transponders for Electronic Screening at weigh stations are registered to a VIN with the vehicle information coming from the registration/cab card. Transponders can be moved to a new vehicle by sending a request in writing by fax or email. Updates made in Washington are automatically forwarded to Idaho, South Dakota, New York and Connecticut.

Email:  TransponderAdmin@wsdot.wa.gov 
Fax:      360-705-6836

To register, update, or transfer a transponder fax or email:

  • A copy or picture of the commercial vehicle’s registration/cab card
  • The USDOT Number 
  • The transponder number or a picture of the transponder with the barcode numbers
    (For multiple updates at once, write the transponder number on the registration/cab card or include a list with the plate and VIN they go with)

To delete a transponder fax or email:

  • The transponder number or license plate and state
  • Request for it to be cancelled/deleted