Motorist Information Sign Program

Motorist Information Signs (MIS) are placed along state highways to alert travelers about the services available at an interchange or intersection. MIS are blue or brown panels with individual business logo signs attached. Travelers searching for gas, food, lodging, camping, recreation, tourist activities, or 24-hour pharmacy will see your business logo sign.

The MIS program is a great way for a business to provide travelers with information about a motorist service. Washington State highways carry hundreds of thousands of people every day. A logo sign on a freeway or expressway with more than 80,000 cars daily costs about $2.50 a day.  A logo sign on a two-lane highway in a rural area costs only $1.00 a day for thousands of views.

Interested in joining our program and getting your business logo in front of the motoring public? Please review our eligibility requirements to see if you qualify. Then take a moment to look at the next steps regarding the signage and costs. Does your business meet the requirements, fill out the application form.

Still have questions? Contact your local MIS representative for further assistance.