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Unifier Project

WSDOT Construction Offices administer the work performed by contractors and others on WSDOT construction projects. There are over 30 Construction Offices located throughout the state of Washington.

The goal of the Unifier Project is to provide WSDOT Construction Offices with a centralized, modern contract management system that both meets current needs and can evolve to accommodate future needs. This project control solution replaces current capabilities and provides new ones, integrates construction and material processes into one platform, and ultimately increases the efficiency and speed of construction management. The Unifier system, once fully implemented, will provide capability for daily construction tasks and provide the ability for WSDOT staff to see construction management summarized and reported at different levels, including at the project, construction office, region, and statewide levels.

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For more information, or if you have any questions relating to this subject, please contact Wendy Stroschein, E-Construction Specialist, at (360) 705-7832.