Construction Contract Progress Payment Reporting

View progress payments made on any of our active contracts.

Construction contract progress payment reporting tool

This tool allows users to view the progress payments made to date on any of our active contracts. Enter the 6 digit construction contract number (e.g., 007465), then press Display Payments. The displayed report will show details of the latest payment made to the prime contractor, and categorized by bid Item. Each report only represents the items that were paid for the specified period; these reports do not display pending payments. Please be aware that the payment date displayed in the report is the date that monies were issued to the prime contractor; depending on the selected method of delivery, it may take several days for the funds to reach the contractor’s banking institution. If you would like to view the details of an earlier progress payment, use the drop down menu to select a different date. For a more print-friendly version, select Export as PDF.

Please note that Design-Build progress payment reports are available within this system as well, however, these reports do not display item-specific details. If you require further information on a Design-Build progress payment report, please contact the Project Engineer that is overseeing that contract. The name of the Project Engineer is provided in the progress payment and also listed within the active contracts link below the search box.

A short training video is available to assist users with this application. In the training, you will learn how to access our electronic construction contract progress payment reporting web application. You will also learn how to look up payments made to the prime contractor on a particular construction contract and how to lookup a contract number if you do not know the number of the contract you wish to look up.

View a list of active contracts (PDF 175KB)


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