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2021 I-5/SR 161/SR 18 Triangle Interchange Vicinity - Improvements

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The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be evaluated and considered to provide services related to the design, development, and delivery of Phase 2A and 2B: Phase 2A a new exit from southbound I-5 to South 356th Street with a new roundabout; rebuild the southbound I-5 exit to SR 18 to expand capacity, and Phase 2B adding a lane on northbound I-5 to improve traffic flow and a two-lane ramp from northbound I-5 to eastbound SR 18 to increase capacity and ease the merge. Additionally, there will be 8-10 fish barrier culverts that need to be replaced.

Up to two (2) agreements may be awarded. The agreements will be approximately five (5) years in duration with total combined agreements amount of approximately $6 to 7 million with the option for WSDOT to supplement for additional time and money if necessary.

Date of publication in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce: July 27, 2021 and August 3, 2021

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