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US 12 & SR 8, Grays Harbor County Remove Fish Barriers

Contract summary

Temporary stream diversion system, temporary erosion and sediment control, dewatering, clearing, grubbing, tree removal, excavating structure and channel, temporary median crossover roads, temporary signal and illumination system, temporary shoring, culvert removal, constructing five drilled shafts bridges with buried revetment, constructing bridges and buried structure, backfilling, pond construction, drainage improvements, structural earth walls, temporary
walls, crushed surfacing base course, hot mix asphalt paving, planing, pavement markings, signing, guardrail, high tension cable barriers, stream restoration, site restoration, traffic control and other work. Involves 219 items and 625 working days. Work class 1 or 6.

Public Works
Publication Date
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Grays Harbor County
Submittal due date and time
Estimated value
Under $80,000,000
Funding source
This is a Federally funded contract.
Jason Mettler
Project Engineer