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US 101, May Cr in Vic of Dowans Cr Rd Remove Fish Barrier

Contract summary

Replacing the existing 9 foot corrugated metal pipe with a 175 foot prestressed concrete girder bridge, stream diversion, erosion control, dewatering, tree removal, temporary detour install and removal, construction of temporary bridge, temporary illumination system, roadways and structure excavation, two soldier pile tieback retaining walls, structural shoring, constructing drilled shaft structures, four geosynthetic retaining walls, channel excavation, removing the existing culverts, installing traffic barriers, bridge railing, backfilling, grading, crushed surfacing base course, hot mix asphalt (HMA), planing bituminous pavement, drainage, pavement marking, signing, guardrail, stream bed restoration, seed and compost, traffic control and other work. Involves 128 items and 515 working days. Work class 1 and 2 or 6.

Public Works
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Clallam County
Jefferson County
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Estimated value
Over $10,000,000
Funding source
A state funded project. Contains a 5% condition of award Small Business Enterprise goal and a 3% condition of award Veteran Owned Business goal.
Jason Mettler
Project Engineer