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I-90, Vantage Bridge Replace Bridge Deck Special Repairs & Drainage

Contract summary

Constructing temporary debris containment, removing the existing bridge deck, constructing a new pre-cast concrete deck, installing new traffic barrier, cleaning and painting select metal surfaces of the bridge, providing special repairs for a select number of bridge columns and struts, upgrading existing drainage structures, installing conduit for private utility, installing intelligent transportation systems, placing striping and delineation, temporary traffic control and other work. Involves 98 items and 590 Working days. Work class 6.

Public Works
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Contract status
Pending Award
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Adams County
Grant County
Kittitas County
Submittal due date and time
Estimated value
Over $10,000,000
Funding source
This is a Federally funded contract with a 15% disadvantaged business enterprise goal. Federal On-the-Job training hours: 2,000.
Scott Golbek
Project Engineer