Prequalify to bid on contracts

Please direct your questions and submittals to:

Contractor Prequalification
Phone: (360) 705-7837
Fax: (360) 705-6966

Our prequalification analyst is responsible for the prequalification of contractors to bid as a
prime on WSDOT highway construction projects.

Prequalification regulations we all must follow

Apply for contractor prequalification with WSDOT

  1. Download the Standard Questionnaire & Financial Statement form (pdf 3249 kb), which includes being added to small works, if desired.
  2. Should you be unable to print the questionnaire you may send your company name, address, and telephone number with a request for a hard copy to
  3. Submit the completed, executed and signed forms to There is no fee for

Supplemental Questionnaire
Renewal letter sent to company will indicate if this form is acceptable. A Standard Questionnaire
is required every third year of renewal.

Only for prequal renewal:

  1. Download the contractor prequalification Supplemental Questionnaire & Financial Statement form
    (pdf 2268 kb) Updated 01/2020.
  2. Contractors who are renewing or need to submit additional information to WSDOT regarding structural changes (e.g., officer, ownership, incorporation, etc.) need to use the Standard Questionnaire & Financial Statement form (pdf 3249 kb).
  3. Please review the forms carefully as you may be required to submit the Standard Questionnaire
    and Financial Statement form. If you are unsure of which form you need to use, please contact Dianna Rader at (360) 705-7837.

Small Works, projects estimated less than $350,000

Additional forms you may need

Currently Prequalified Contractors
The prequalification status of contractors on the following lists are subject to change
at any time.