Aircraft registration - Commonly asked questions

I just moved to Washington. When do I have to register my aircraft?

You have 90 days after becoming a resident to register your aircraft.


I'm a Washington resident and I just purchased an aircraft.

30 days.


Does an experimental/home built aircraft have to be registered?

An experimental/homebuilt aircraft must be registered with the state, unless any one of the exemptions apply.


What about Washington State residents with aircraft based out-of-state?

Aircraft based out-of-state would be exempt from Washington State registration. See #3 on the exemption list.


Where does the money go?

The registration fee is broken down into two parts: a $15 registration/filing fee and an excise tax based on aircraft type. The entire registration/filing fee is credited to the Aeronautics Account, which is a dedicated fund used directly for aviation purposes.


How much is my aircraft registration?

Newest Aircraft Registration Fee Schedule