Is Your State-Managed Airport Open?

For all airport opening dates, see additional “Note:” information at the bottom of this web page.

Be aware that additional COVID-19 closures or restrictions may be implemented on short notice through the FAA’s NOTAM system.


Airport Camping Picnic Tables Fire Rings Out House Water Walk to
Bandera Y (Primitive) Y (4)   Y (2)  Y (1) Approx. June 1 to Oct 1 Yrly  N N

Open June 2, 2020. Airport mowed on June 1. Caution, early seasonal rain has made the grass runway edges soft and muddy. Helicopter staging operations on the eastern end. Please check NOTAM’s or contact Airport Manager for additional information.

Copalis Beach N
Tidal Activity
N Improvements Not Allowed N Improvements Not Allowed N
Approx 3 miles North at Roosevelt Beach Access 
Approx 3 miles North to Roosevelt Beach Access
Open Year Round. Review Fly-friendly guidelines on airport website. State Parks indicate that beach area outside of the airport boundary is open to pedestrian access. The Roosevelt Beach driving access may have County closure restrictions. Watch for pedestrian’s on airport landing area.
Easton Y (Improved) Y (4) Y (2) N (1) pending install possible by June 1   N 1/2 mile to restaurant Open June 1, 2020. Grass runway. Runway lights photocell activated dusk to dawn. Airport mowed June 1. 
Lake Wenatchee Y (Primitive) N 1 mile to
Fish Lake

Open May 18, 2020. Surrounding Parks and Forest may be closed to public access due to COVID-19. Best to check WA Parks and Recreation or U.S. Forest Service for additional closure information. Grass runway west end bare ground areas. Please abide by state and local COVID-19 guidelines and orders to include social distancing and group size limitations while visiting the airport.  Do not land after Oct 1 without prior permission or as this website directs. Winter Snowmobile recreation occurs in winter months.

Little Goose 
1/4 mile to park
Y (2)   N
Pending negotiations with owners
Pending negotiations with owners
N 1/4 mile to
park for restroom
Open Year 
Round -  Gravel runway. No winter snow removal. If it snows airport is closed.
Lower Granite
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
1/4 mile to
Open Year Round - Gravel runway. Camping at Boyer Park Fee Area. No winter snow removal. If it snows airport is closed.
Lower Monumental
N Y (2)  N N
negotiations with owners
N N Open Year Round - 
Gravel runway. No winter snow removal. If it snows airport is closed.
Methow N (Primitive) 3 Y (2) 
West Transient Ramp and East Fuel Station 
N NA  Open Year Round -      
NOTE: Airport beacon pilot controlled. 
Watch for winter weather closures NOTAM's. Limited snow removal.  Please call Airport Manager for winter updates.
Ranger Creek
Y Primitive on Airport) Good Facilities at adjacent FS Park Y (4)
Y (2) Y (2)
Forest Service Park near runway ends

Ranger Creek will be closed early this year starting Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 at 8 p.m. to allow for a tree obstruction removal project to start on Tuesday Oct. 6, 2020 for a 10-day period ending on Friday, Oct. 16, 2020. If weather allows, we may see a reopening for a short period until winter conditions require closure until spring 2021. Please check back for updates.


Opened May 5, 2020 – Paved runway. Best to check with the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Ranger Station for specifics on camping off airport. Please abide by state and local COVID-19 guidelines and orders to include social distancing and group size limitations while visiting the airport.

Rogersburg N
No improvements 
allowed under Special Use Permit (SUP)
No improvements allowed under SUP
No improvements allowed under SUP
 No improvements allowed under SUP
 No improvements allowed under SUP
No airport access by ground with out BLM escort
Closed until further notice. Access negotiations in progress. 
Check NOTAM's. 
Wind Cone out of service.  
Grass runway; some minor wheel ruts. Watch out for runway reflective markers. No camping, fires or more than five aircraft at one time. Do not taxi outside of markers.
Skykomish Y  Y (6) Y (2) Y Primitive N 1 mile to
Open June 1, 2020 – Caution, early seasonal rain can make the grass Runwy and parking areas soft and muddy in places. Contact Airport Manager for updates and approval before landing during closed dates.
Stehekin Y Y (4) N
pending negotiations with NPS
1/4 mile to campground CXT 
N 1/4 mile to
campground. Camping not allowed at airport. 

Open June 1, 2020 – Some bare spots dirt spots on Runway 13 end. It can be dusty. Camping only at Harlequin Camp Ground. Use CTAF for wheel cart access.

Sullivan Lake Y
Primitive on Airport Tent sites next to parked aircraft
10 2 Y
Forest Service CXT in Camp Areas 
Next to Fire Rings
3 mile to
Open May 29, 2020 – Grass runway. Runway mowed on June 1. Some ground squirrel holes. Watch for pedestrians. Note that the U.S. Forest Service may have additional COVID-19 related park restrictions. Please abide by state and local COVID-19 guidelines and orders to include social distancing and group size limitations while visiting the airport. 
In planning stage 

In planning stage 
Forest Service CXT

Open May 15, 2020. Grass runway. Early seasonal rain can make the grass runway and parking areas soft and muddy in places, especially on the upper North end bare dirt areas. Prior permission required to land after Oct 1. Winter snowmobile recreation occurs after the first snow.

Woodland Y
Y(2)  N (2)  Y (1) NW corner 
transient parking area 
Use CTAF for combination lock
1/2 mile to
Open Year Round – Paved runway. Now snow removal in winter. If it snows its’s closed. Grass is long in all adjacent areas including north end transient parking area. Watch for rough areas off all paved surfaces. Runway lights photocell operated dusk to dawn and can be obscured by tall grass. Northwest corner transient aircraft parking area may be obscured by grass as well and tiedowns are primitive with possible drop off holes. Recommend parking next to tiedown areas and pushing aircraft back into parking spaces. Grass area adjacent to runway 14/32 extremely rough due to mole activity.

*Missing from this list is Lester State Airport, which is currently closed to fixed wing aircraft.  

Note: If weather and surface conditions permit, some airports may be accessible before 1 June or after 1 October yearly. Per WAC 468-250-030, opening and closing dates may change at some airports.

For more information on the state-operated airports, please check your current Chart Supplement (Airport Facilities Directory), check NOTAMS at 800-WX-BRIEF, and call the State Airport Manager at 360-618-2477.

Note: State-Managed Airport specific closure information is considered published information within the FAA's Chart Supplement spectrum. If your looking for State-Managed Airport closure dates there is typically six or more ways to obtain this information.

  1. "Look it up" in the most current Printed Chart Supplement or on-line "Digital" Chart Supplement (d-CS)
  2. Specifically request "Published" NOTAM (Chart Supplement) information from the FSS Briefer.
  3. Review the Is Your State Airport Open web site.
  4. Contact the State Airports Manager by Email or Phone directly.
  5. Review the Airport IQ 5010 Web site.
  6. Other proprietary published or on-line web sources. 

In addition to WAC 468-250-160 All use at own risk, the State-Managed Airports are not maintained after 1 October.

Let us know where you've been: Most airports have guest log books; please sign in when you visit. If you are unable to locate the log book, please contact the State Airport Manager at

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(Please see Chart Supplement (Airport Facilities Directory)for additional information)