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Practical Solutions: Aligning Investments

How do we align investments?

WSDOT is engaging partners to plan, operate and deliver complementary system investments. One tool to align investments is the Performance Framework.

Establishing a Performance Framework

What is a Performance Framework?

A Performance Framework is a document (or series of documents) that helps organizations objectively assess their performance by identifying key elements of performance and creating an understanding of how changes in those elements can impact others. Using a Performance Framework (policies, measures and targets) to make decisions can help WSDOT deliver the best possible projects and make the best use of taxpayer dollars.

How do we measure establishing a Performance Framework?

WSDOT is working hard to establish its Performance Framework by December 2021. Two policy frameworks are complete, two are in progress, and two more.

The Performance Framework is comprised of six policy frameworks, one for each of the six transportation policy goals established by the Legislature. The policy goals are Mobility, Economic Vitality, Safety, Environment, Preservation and Stewardship.

Current Target
July 2020 December 2021
Two complete, Two in progress  Arrow to right  All six policy frameworks complete Ontrack

Performance Framework (policies, measures and targets) will be established for all frameworkds by December 2021.

Why did we pick this target?

The Performance Framework target is based on the estimated time to complete the work.

More about aligning investments

Why is making decisions based on performance a priority?

The Performance Framework will help WSDOT make the right decisions, in the right place, at the right time. It will facilitate consistent and transparent decisions, improve understanding of tradeoffs across policy goals and inform systems-level thinking, and help us align with our partners. Development of the Performance Framework is a priority work item under the Practical Solutions Work Plan.

To ensure progress toward meeting the legislature’s transportation policy goals, WSDOT’s Performance Framework will help to define options for evaluating each goal. With better performance measures, the agency can more readily address the variety of users, local values, and land-use contexts that WSDOT facilities serve. WSDOT will select and apply measures/metrics that are practical, context sensitive, and align with objectives.

How are we doing?

We’ve had some success developing measures that will be used to evaluate how the transportation system impacts economic vitality throughout the state. WSDOT executives have endorsed the evaluation of mobility performance through measures of accessibility, predictability and efficiency. Some of these measures include connectivity and major destinations accessible. WSDOT executives have also endorsed the assessment of economic vitality performance through quality of life and business diversity and growth measures. Because community engagement, transparency and alignment with our partners are priorities for development, successful implementation will take time and continued commitment.

What are we working on?

The Performance Framework is being developed incrementally, one policy goal at a time. The Mobility and Economic Vitality Performance Frameworks have been developed. WSDOT is now working on tackling the Safety and Preservation Performance Framework, establishing guidance around using the Performance Framework and testing draft products through pilots.

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