Results WSDOT – Our Strategic Plan

Results WSDOT, the agency's strategic plan for 2014-2017, provides the vision, mission, values, goals, priority outcomes and strategies to guide the work of the agency.

Results WSDOT Strategic Plan Brochure (pdf 917 kb)

Secretary Roger Millar released Result's WSDOT's "Moving Washington Forward" latest progress report earlier this year. The plan has been streamlined and updated to include new strategies for WSDOT's 2016 agency emphasis areas, practical solutions, workforce development and inclusion.

Strategic Plan 2016 Progress Report Executive Summary (pdf 698kb)

How is this plan different?

  • Results WSDOT represents a shift in the way we do business to get the most capacity of the entire multimodal transportation system, leverage our limited funding and engage with communities and partners.
  • It places more emphasis on working across all modes. These improvements are designed to enhance our operations.
  • They ensure that we meet our mission to provide and support safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation options to improve livable communities and economic vitality for people and businesses.

Alignment with the Governor's Results Washington
WSDOT's strategic plan aligns with the Governor's strategic framework Results Washington.

What are our next steps for implementing WSDOT's Direction?

  • The strategic plan is intended to be a living document that will be periodically updated, refined and improved.
  • Results will be reported in the Gray Notebook, WSDOT's quarterly performance report.
  • WSDOT has developed implementation work plans to move WSDOT closer to achieving our desired outcomes with limited resources.