Practical Solutions planning

WSDOT is using the Practical Solutions approach to increase the focus on transportation system performance and enable more flexible and sustainable transportation investment decisions. The approach includes increasing collaboration with communities and partners as we identify needs and develop coordinated strategies to address the needs. By using this approach, WSDOT will make transportation investments at the right place and time for the lowest cost.

Transportation planning establishes a performance framework for transportation decision making and management of system assets. Planning also coordinates with other transportation providers to identify performance gaps and works with communities and partners to prioritize needs and assesses strategies to address the needs.

Multimodal planning ensures that transportation investments are planned, funded, and delivered using an integrated process that brings the right people to the table to make decisions. Using a Practical Solutions approach to planning ensures we make the right investments, in the right places, at the right time, using the right approach to achieve an integrated, sustainable transportation system and organization.

Some of the plans that establish the policy framework in Washington are:

  • The Washington Transportation Plan (WTP)
  • The WSDOT Community Engagement Plan
  • Aviation System Plan
  • Ferries System Plan
  • Highway System Plan
  • Target Zero: Washington’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan
  • Public Transportation Plan
  • Rail System Plan
  • Freight Mobility Plan

For more information about planning at WSDOT, please visit the Multimodal Transportation Planning Page.

Wheel with Practical Solutions process