Practical solutions performance framework

What is Practical Solutions?

WSDOT is working to create a Practical Solutions Performance Framework that will help WSDOT make the right investments, in the right place, at the right time. The Performance Framework will establish WSDOT’s priorities based on what Washington residents really care about and help the agency work toward transparent and consistent decisions across business processes.

Doesn’t WSDOT already make performance-based decisions?

While WSDOT has long been a national leader in performance reporting, we lack a consistent agency approach to performance-based decision-making. WSDOT’s de facto performance management approach has resulted from years of incremental decisions driven by funding programs and isolated within different business processes. The Performance Framework will help us align with our partners, demonstrate consistency and transparency, think more systemically, and understand tradeoffs across our transportation policy goals. It will, ultimately reflect community values and be developed with the help of our partners across the state.

How does the Performance Framework relate to the six transportation system policy goals?

The Performance Framework includes measures and metrics for each policy goal area as defined by the Washington State Legislature under RCW 47.04.280. The six transportation policy goals are economic vitality, preservation, safety, mobility, environment, and stewardship. The measures and metrics serve to define performance for any given policy goal area (See Figure 1).

Performance framework structure - Figure 1

Any new performance concepts we may not currently measure, will be integrated into the existing policy goals (See Figure 2).

Performance framework structure - Figure 2

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