Community design

Bothell Master PlanWSDOT's Practical Solutions Policies (pdf 255 kb) recognize that communities have different transportation needs than rural areas. Within communities, residents and visitors alike have expectations that the built environment accommodate all modes of travel safely and efficiently.

WSDOT is working across the state to create more livable communities through Practical Solutions and raising awareness about the important links between community transportation, land use, revitalization and sustainability.

WSDOT is also a partner in regional and community-led transportation planning and operations. To assist with their analyses and decisions, WSDOT brings background information on each state highway corridor. A new “Corridor sketch” process is being used to present a range of strategies developed through least-cost/performance-based planning. WSDOT is working on developing these sketches across the state to identify practical strategies and solutions that reflect a community’s character.

Developing the corridor sketches also provides a framework to engage partners and transportation service providers about the needs of their communities and strategies for transportation improvements in the corridor, regardless of mode/jurisdiction. The results will inform the State Highway System Plan to identify long term needs and costs, and also allow transportation funding to be targeted to the right-size solution. Funding for the solutions can then be found in local, regional, state and federal funding sources.