WSDOT seeks public input on proposed permanent closure of the eastbound I-90 Freya on-ramp

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Ryan Overton, communications, 509-413-9791

Online feedback offers opportunity for community to weigh in on closure

SPOKANE –The Washington State Department of Transportation invites everyone who uses the eastbound Freya Street on-ramp and/or drives eastbound Interstate 90 near Freya Street, including residents and people who work in the area, to provide feedback on the proposed permanent closure of the on-ramp.

The online open house will run Sept. 3-17.

WSDOT analyzed the safety and operational performance for both I-90 and 3rd Avenue, including the Havana and 4th Avenue intersection, in proposing the closure and rerouting to the Custer Road on-ramp. Closing the eastbound Freya Street on-ramp would reduce the number of collisions, reduce congestion and improve travel times on I-90. Please visit the online open house to learn more and provide feedback.

Closing the Freya Street on-ramp would add about one minute for drivers to access I-90 via the Custer on-ramp.

The current eastbound I-90 paving project between Liberty Park and Sprague Avenue has closed the on-ramp since June 28. It also was closed in 2020 for another paving project. WSDOT is seeking input on permanently closing the eastbound Freya Street on-ramp and routing travelers to the Custer Street on-ramp to access eastbound I-90, as done during the paving projects.

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