From decades of planning to reality – a new highway from I-5 to the Port of Tacoma is now within sight

Construction of a new 2-mile-long highway starts in summer 2022

TACOMA – The Washington State Department of Transportation’s State Route167 Completion Project reached an important milestone this week with the selection of the "apparent best value" contractor for the design-build contract to build a new highway connecting Interstate 5 and SR 509 near the Port of Tacoma.

Contractor Guy F. Atkinson Construction’s $376 million bid had the lowest price and the strongest technical proposal, meeting the "apparent best value" bid requirements. Design-build contracts combine final project design and construction into a single contract.

The SR 167/I-5 to SR 509 New Expressway Project is the second of three construction contracts within the SR 167 Completion Project, which will complete the unfinished SR 167 in Pierce County.

"This is an exciting and important step in the decades-long goal to complete SR 167 and build a direct connection between I-5 and the Port of Tacoma," said John White, administrator for the Puget Sound Gateway Program, which manages the SR 167 Completion Project. "The benefits of this new highway will be far-reaching – improving freight movement to and from the port, reducing truck traffic on local roads and expanding non-motorized travel options."

Features of the work include:

  • A new 2-mile expressway between I-5 and SR 509 near the Port of Tacoma.
  • A shared-use path parallel to the highway for non-motorized travel (walking, bicycling, etc.) between I-5 and SR 509 near Tacoma
  • A diverging diamond interchange over I-5 in Fife, which will connect the new SR 167 to I-5.
  • Approximately 150 acres of wetland, stream and environmental restoration that will improve native fish runs and encourage the return of wildlife to the area.

WSDOT released an online animated visualization to show what the new expressway will look like.

About the SR 167 Completion Project (2020-2028)

The SR 167 Completion Project is building a total of 6 miles of new highway between SR 167’s current end point in Puyallup to SR 509 near the Port of Tacoma.

The first stage of construction to complete the project wrapped up in summer 2021 with the opening of a new I-5 bridge and connecting multi-lane roundabout on SR 99 in Fife. An online video shows how the new bridge set the stage for the rest of the project, which is expected to last through 2028.

About the Puget Sound Gateway Program

The Puget Sound Gateway Program, which manages the SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce County and the SR 509 Completion Project in King County, was authorized by the Washington State Legislature in 2015 and is funded with federal funds, local contributions, WSDOT’s Connecting Washington funding package and future toll revenues.

Together, the SR 167 and SR 509 completion projects will improve the movement of freight by connecting the state's largest ports to key distribution centers in King and Pierce counties. Completing these unfinished highways will move freight more efficiently and ease traffic congestion throughout the Puget Sound region.

Learn more in an online video about the Puget Sound Gateway Program.

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