Construction on the US 97 roundabout in Toppenish complete

Driving tips help new users get around

TOPPENISH – The first roundabout on the US 97 corridor is complete. In July, the Washington State Department of Transportation and contractor crews began construction of the two-lane roundabout on US 97 at McDonald/Becker Road in Toppenish.

Traffic is flowing nicely through the roundabout and WSDOT has a few tips for drivers:

  • Slow down when approaching a roundabout. The speed limit in this roundabout is 25 mph.
  • Choose your lane before you enter the roundabout. Either lane will take you straight. Turn left with the left lane or right with the right lane. It is very similar to a four-way intersection.
  • Traffic inside the roundabout has the right-of-way. Yield and look left before entering the circle.
  • Keep a safe distance around trucks. Trucks are allowed to use both lanes and the center apron if needed.

WSDOT has educational resources for using roundabouts, including a video and a handout.

In 2019, the Yakama Nation Tribal Council agreed with WSDOT’s plan to construct two roundabouts on US 97 between Toppenish and Wapato. These intersections were rebuilt as roundabouts because of their history of fatal and injury crashes. The first roundabout at the intersection of US 97 and McDonald/Becker Road is complete. Construction of the second roundabout at US 97 and Jones Road is planned for spring 2023.

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