SR 167 HOT Lanes - Where to Enter

Where are the HOT lanes?

There is one HOT lane in each direction of SR 167 between I-405 in Renton and Eighth Street East in Pacific. (SR 167 HOT Lanes - Flowmap & Live Rates)

How do HOT lanes work?

The HOT lanes are open 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. Unless you qualify to ride toll-free, you will pay the toll rate you see when entering the HOT lanes. Learn more about SR 167 HOT lanes toll rates.

How do I access the HOT lanes?

Drivers may enter and exit the HOT lanes nearly anywhere along the corridor. In most places, HOT lanes are separated by a single white line which you may cross over at any time.

Why is this different than the I-405 express toll lanes?

Most HOT lane and express toll lane systems around the country, including the I-405 express toll lanes, only allow drivers to enter at specific access points. This has benefits for traffic management, but we’ve also heard from many drivers that they’d prefer to be able to get in or out at any time. In 2014, we changed the SR 167 HOT lanes to allow continuous unrestricted access as a pilot project to study the effects on safety, reliability, revenue, and speeds.

Evaluation of the effects of changing to continuous access HOT Lanes on SR 167 (pdf 2.5 mb)