Geologic Assessment of Potential Aggregate Source Areas in Pend Oreille County, Washington

The Pend Oreille County geologic assessment of potential aggregate source investigation was conducted in order to provide engineering geology assistance to the Region in identifying marginal aggregate material and potential new sources of high quality aggregate material in Pend Oreille County.

This report provides a summary of methods employed during our investigation and identifies geologic units and specific sites that have the potential to provide high quality aggregate for the Region.

Publication Date: 
Monday, May 25, 2009
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 734.1
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10/12/2016 - 15:41
Gabriel Taylor, Lynn Moses, Steve Lowell, Tony Allen.
Washington (State). Dept. of Transportation. Materials Laboratory
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Geological surveying, Aggregates, Aggregates by source, Engineering geology, Exploration, Raw materials, Road materials, Local materials.