Western States Transparent Borders Project: Institutional Barriers and Recommended Actions—Washington

This is the second report for an FHWA sponsored project that is investigating the barriers to implementing IVHS commercial vehicle operations (CVO) technologies in seven northwestern states. This report describes the barriers to implementing the IVHS CVO technologies and the steps needed to surmount those barriers. The report is intended to serve as a blueprint for state agency efforts to use to successfully and incrementally improve the efficiency with which they regulate trucking industry operations.

The project team concludes that the primary barriers to implementation of IVHS CVO technologies are neither institutional nor regulatory. Instead, the barriers are a combination of economic uncertainty and a lack of shared vision among the various states, state agencies, and trucking industry groups. Although institutional and regulatory barriers exist in the seven participating states, these barriers are relatively unimportant in comparison to the barriers that arise from disagreements over the system's intended functions, the cost of providing the system, and the parties responsible for paying those costs.

The project team has reached the conclusion that the only way to surmount the barriers produced by the above conditions is to create a modular system that will allow both states and private companies to enter into the IVHS CVO process for little cost. The system will have to be expandable to allow its capabilities to grow as the benefits from IVHS CVO technologies become more apparent and as funding becomes available. The initial system must be simple, low cost (for both states and trucking firms), relatively easy to implement, and flexible enough to meet the needs of different states and state agencies. Finally, benefits commensurate with the costs of participating in the system must be available to all involved agencies and trucking firms.

Publication Date: 
Sunday, August 1, 1993
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 309.2
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03/28/2018 - 07:54
Mark Hallenbeck, Jodi Koehne, Robert R. Scheibe, David Rose, Robert Leech.
Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC); Dye Management Group, Inc.
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Border regions, Commercial vehicle operations, Commercial vehicles, Costs, Institutional issues, Intelligent transportation systems, Interstate transportation, Recommendations, Socioeconomic development, Technology assessment, Trucking.