Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Community Involvement Programs

The purpose of this study is to produce guidelines that will provide assistance to those responsible for the planning and implementation of community involvement plans. These guidelines cover the many elements of a multi-faceted community involvement approach and give direction for planning and implementation of these guidelines.

A considerable amount of recent experience and information on community involvement was compiled and analyzed to afford the capability of tailoring a community involvement plan for an individual and unique community as defined by its characteristics. Among the major elements discussed are the general principles which must be followed to achieve successful community involvement; the criteria to determine how extensive an involvement plan should be for a particular community as defined by the characteristics of the community and type of proposed action; the establishment of an implementation schedule; detailed discussion of the methods used to disseminate information and obtain citizen input; a description of the various types of community groups which can be used for cooperative planning; recommendations to improve the effectiveness of public meetings; and the basic strategy used in evaluating the success of a community involvement plan.


Publication Date: 
Monday, September 1, 1975
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WA-RD 025.1
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11/17/2017 - 12:35
Washington (State). Dept. of Highways. Social and Economic Planning Section.
Washington State Highway Commission.
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City planning, Community action programs, Guidelines, Information dissemination, Plan implementation, Planning, Public information programs, Public participation, Scheduling, Strategic planning, Transportation planning.