Real Estate Services - Wireless Communications Leasing - Notice To Proceed Checklist

Once WSDOT has received all of the required information listed in the Notice To Proceed (NTP) Checklist, a NTP will be issued for work being done within the leased premises. NTP's expire 90 days after the date issued. For NTP's within a Park and Ride, see Park and Ride Requirements.

Notice To Proceed Checklist

  1. Final construction plans
    • 1 electronic set of 11" x 17" size sheets.
    • Survey and legal description of proposed site.
    • Plot plan showing location of proposed facility (noting additional area needed for construction, if applicable), and its relationship to any and all existing facilities at the site.
    • State Route or Interstate Route number, milepost, and direction.
    • Location of adjacent streets, roads, or alleys for alternate access location.
    • Right-of-way line (include copy of WSDOT right-of-way plan sheet when utilized).
    • Identify the safety control zone/clear zone (include calculation). Refer to the WSDOT Utilities Manual for details.
    • Landscaping details to include methods to prevent soil erosion or to protect slopes or sensitive areas. Existing landscape (outline of vegetation) with landscaping to be proposed.
    • Landscape plan including irrigation/drip system and, if applicable, soil erosion and sediment control (include elevations, details showing architectural treatment, colors of the various facility components, etc.).
    • Fencing, sidewalks, signs, curbing, stairs, driveways-existing and proposed (including curb-line opening), driveway width and alignment with respect to the adjoining highway or local road and other minor improvements, access way, parking area and identification of any areas to be paved or striped (including the materials to be used).
    • Location of any existing WSDOT structures (i.e. buildings, equipment, guardrails, access roads, columns).
    • Identify topography including slopes within access control area.
    • Location of aerial and underground utilities (fiber optic electrical, telephone, etc.) and the proposed method of accessing utilities from outside the access control area.
    • Location of and setback from bridge structures (include bridge number/name).
    • Utilities (including trenching specifications).
    • Diesel back-up generators must have double wall fuel tanks. Construction drawings must show/detail fuel tank details, include the location of spill containment materials and parking location of fuel truck when refueling, and specify the decibels of the generator when running under full load.
    • Excavation plans for the monopole/tower, conduits, equipment shelter, and other structures.
    • Height of the structure (monopole/tower, utility pole) and antenna elevation.
    • If site is shared with WSDOT, name of applicant's Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer who will work with the WSDOT Region Radio Technician.
    • Narrative describing how installation and construction will be performed in order to minimize the impact on WSDOT operations (e.g., traveling public, commuters at a park and ride lots, workers at a maintenance facilities).
  2. Copy of all environmental documents
  3. Copy of building permit
  4. Traffic Control Plan in accordance with Chapter 296-155 WAC, Part E and Chapter 296-32 WAC
  5. Copy of WSDOT Utility Permit
  6. Copy of WSDOT Type F Access Permit or Temporary Access Break
  7. Proof from the Washington State Department of Revenue that a site is exempt from Leasehold Excise Tax
  8. Insurance certificate
  9. Final construction schedule - who, what, where, when and how
  10. Copy of Fall Protection Work Plan, including tentative Rescue Plan; detailed requirements relating to a fall protection work plan are covered in Chapter 296-32 WAC
  11. Fully executed lease/amendment