Bridge List

The Bridge List is a listing of structures carrying or intersecting Washington State highways and structures for which the department has a maintenance responsibility.

Individual Chapters

Publication Date: 
Friday, August 24, 2018
Publication Number: 
M 23-09
Last modified: 
04/24/2020 - 08:10
Publication Version: 
M 23-09.10
Manual Manager: 
Danielle Troupe
Environmental and Engineering Programs, Engineering and Regional Operations
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Statewide list of roadway structures maintained by WSDOT.

Bridge List Individual Chapters

Foreword (pdf 264 KB)
Contents (pdf 398 KB)

Instructions for Use (pdf 662 KB)
Abbreviations (pdf 172 KB)
Load Limits (pdf 197 KB)
Axle Weight Table (pdf 425 KB)

Interchange Drawings (pdf 3.2 MB)
Puget Sound Milepost Map (pdf 481 KB)
Statewide Milepost Map (pdf 935 KB)


I-5 (pdf 333 KB) I-82 (pdf 164 KB)  I-90 (pdf 237 KB)  I-182 (pdf 152 KB) 
I-205 (pdf 145 KB) I-405 (pdf 177 KB) I-705 (pdf 142KB)  

US Routes

US 2 (pdf 197 KB) US 12 (pdf 203 KB) US 97 (pdf 203 KB) US 101 (pdf 174 KB)
US 195 (pdf 146 KB) US 197 (pdf 124 KB) US 395 (pdf 170 KB) US 730 (pdf 134 KB)

State Routes

For all individual State Routes please see the full Bridge List Manual