Highway Surveying Manual

The Highway Surveying Manual presents surveyors' methods and departmental rules that apply to highway surveying operations of the Washington State Department of Transportation. The manual is intended to help standardize surveying practices throughout the department and to be a useful tool for department surveying crews.

Individual Chapters

Publication Date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2005
Publication Number: 
M 22-97
Last modified: 
05/10/2018 - 17:22
Manual Manager: 
Bill Mumma
Design Office, Engineering and Regional Operations Division
Number of Pages: 
Surveying methods and standard surveying practices of the department.

Highway Surveying Manual Individual Chapters

Foreword (pdf 213 KB)

Contents (pdf 300 KB)

Chapter 1 Survey Team (pdf 236 KB)

Chapter 2 Safety (pdf 390 KB)

Chapter 3 Equipment (pdf 270 KB)

Chapter 4 Electronic Data Controllers (pdf 234 KB)

Chapter 5 Public Lands Survey System (pdf 5 MB)

Chapter 6 Survey Datums (pdf 1.64 MB)

Chapter 7 Accuracy Classification and Standards (pdf 367 KB)

Chapter 8 Global Positioning System (GPS) (pdf 994 KB)

Chapter 9 Total Station System (TSS) (pdf 291 KB)

Chapter 10 Differential Leveling (pdf 391 KB)

Chapter 11 Geometrics (pdf 1.5 MB)

Chapter 12 Photogrammetry (pdf 198 KB)

Chapter 13 Control Survey Procedures (pdf 267 KB)

Chapter 14 Location Survey Procedures (pdf 437 KB)

Chapter 15 Construction Survey Procedures (pdf 1.37 MB)

Chapter 16 Monumentation and Survey Records (pdf 792 KB)