US 395 - North Spokane Corridor - Property acquisition process

Current Acquisition Activities
Over the last few years, the WSDOT/Eastern Region Real Estate Services team has focused on purchasing residential parcels along I-90 in the vicinity of the future North Spokane Corridor Interchange. As we approach completion of those acquisitions, our team is shifting to purchases along the corridor north of the Spokane River to Francis Avenue. If you own an affected parcel in this area and haven’t been contacted yet, it should happen soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: or 509-324-6286.

Real Estate Acquisition Summary

Engineering creates the right of way plan sheets that show the areas needed to build the highway project. Real Estate Services is charged with the responsibility to acquire the needed property and assure the acquisitions are accomplished within the law. Eminent domain laws require the government to pay just compensation for the property needed for public uses. The steps in the acquisition process are as follows:

  • Real estate appraisers will determine the market value of the property. The appraiser will:
    • Contact you for a joint inspection.
    • Research sales of similar property in the market area.
    • Value the property before and after the project.
    • Determine the damages, cost to cure items, or special benefits (increase in value due to the project).
    • Some parcels with minor acquisitions will be valued administratively using the appraiser’s sales research. You have the right to request an appraisal on this administrative value.
  • A review appraiser checks the appraiser’s work and issues a ‘Determination of Value’ which is the just compensation that will be offered to you.
  • A negotiation agent will contact you with the offer to purchase. You will be informed whether an appraisal or an administrative value is being used. The negotiator will:
    • Explain the project and its impacts to your property.
    • Explain your rights under the Eminent Domain laws.
    • Listen to your concerns and, if necessary, convey them to engineering or appraisal for review.
    • Discuss the acquisition with your professional advisors (appraisers, real estate agents, lawyers, etc.).
    • Provide all the documents necessary to acquire the property for the project.
    • Submit the signed documents to headquarters for payment processing. Payments are processed within 45 days of signature.
    • If the negotiator is unable to reach an agreement with you, we refer the acquisi-tion to the Attorney General to begin condemnation proceedings. Condemnation is a legal action to acquire the property needed for the project after negotiations have been unsuccessful.
  • If a residence or business is acquired by the state, you or your tenant may be entitled to relocation benefits. A relocation agent will:
    • Explain the relocation benefits available to you under eminent domain laws.
    • Assist you in locating replacement housing.
    • Assist you in the move of your personal property.
    • Assist your business in re-establishing at their new location.
    • Assist tenants in locating replacement housing.

Three brochures, Transportation Property Needs and You, Residential Relocation Assistance Program, and Business Relocation Assistance Program are published by the Department of Transportation. These booklets provide more detail into the acquisition and relocation processes. You may request a copy by contacting:

Washington State Department of Transportation
Eastern Region Real Estate Services
2714 North Mayfair Street
Spokane, WA 99207
(509) 324-6286

Displaced Tenant Entitlements and Payments Under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970

Uniform Act requires that comparable replacement housing must be within the financial means of the displaced person.

The provisions of the Uniform Act concerning relocation are found in Federal Regulations 49 CFR Part 24.

As stated in the law, the purpose is to assure fair and equitable treatment of displaced persons so that such persons do not suffer disproportionate injury from projects designed to benefit the public as a whole.

  • When the state's acquisition requires you to move your household, you will be given at least 90 days written notice of the date by which you will be required to move. Also, at least one comparable dwelling must be available and you will receive written notification of its location.
  • Moving Payment (Tenant can choose either A or B option)
    1. Self move scheduled payments based on a fixed cost moving schedule, page 8 in the Residential Relocation Assistance Program booklet or
    2. Commercial mover to pack, transport and unpack your furnishings and personal property. Moving insurance is included.
  • Rent Supplement Payments
    • If your replacement dwelling rental cost is higher than you have been paying, you may be eligible for rental assistance payments. These payments are based on a 3 ½ year period, and a comparable rental that the Agency approves.
  • Replacement Housing must meet Decent, Safe and Sanitary (DSS) requirements referred to on page 13 of the Residential Relocation Assistance Program Booklet.


Our Eastern Region Real Estate Services Staff will provide Relocation Advisory services to each displaced individual. Each case is different and our goal is to assure that all displaced persons are relocated successfully.