US 395 - North Spokane Corridor - Multimodal facility

WSDOT recognized the need to take a multi-modal approach toward providing transportation choices; that is why the North South Corridor (NSC) was and is being designed as a multi modal facility which will support alternative transportation options rather than just a traditional highway project. The NSC was designed to provide several Park and Ride lots, reserved space for future high capacity transit, and the “Children of the Sun Trail” a pedestrian/bicycle trail that parallels the full length of the corridor.

The Children of the Sun Trail (pdf 638 kb) connects to the existing east/west Centennial Trail system, which reaches from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and also with various other trail systems (Ben Burr Trail) within the Spokane area. Ben Burr Trail is a mile long trail that follows an old railroad line. It goes from Underhill Park to Liberty Park in Spokane.