US 395 - North Spokane Corridor - Environmental & project benefits

July 27- August 25, 2020 - People can now comment on the North Spokane Corridor Air Quality Discipline Report.  This report documents the air quality, energy, and greenhouse gas (GHG) analyses completed for the 2020 evaluation of the North Spokane Corridor project in the section from Carlisle Avenue south, across the Spokane River, to I-90. 

The North Spokane Corridor is being developed under Federal Highway Administration guidelines.  The original environmental documentation for the project was completed in 1997 in the form of a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).  In 2000 the FEIS was modified and a Final Supplemental Environmental Statement (FSEIS) was presented for public comment and hearing.  Several changes have occurred to the project as defined in the FEIS and FSEIS, these are defined in Environmental Reevaluation documents.  The chapters of these documents are available for reading below:

Watch a video explaining the Final Noise Report from Mission Ave. to the I-90 connection.