US 2 - I-5 Interchange to Bickford Ave Vic - Paving - Completed February 2020


In spring 2018, contractor crews with Lakeside Industries began repaving three miles of the westbound lanes of US 2 from Bickford Avenue to the I-5 interchange, including the Hewitt Avenue trestle. The eastbound lanes of the highway were also resurfaced from the US 2/SR 204 interchange to Bickford Avenue. Any necessary repairs to the westbound trestle's expansion joints and bridge deck were also made during this two-year project which was completed in February 2020.

How you benefit

  • Safety: Repaving the highway removes existing cracks, ruts and potholes where pooled water can collect, causing cars to slide. This water can also freeze, creating pockets of ice on the asphalt. New pavement prevents future damage to the roadway.
  • Economic: Repairing aging asphalt is a cost-effective way to protect the roadway and increase its lifespan.


The cost of this project was $10.47 million.


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A map of the repaving area from US 2/I-5 to Bickford Avenue.

 Workers jackhammering around expansion joint

View photos of crews working on the westbound US 2 trestle.