US 2 Traffic Safety Corridor - Route development plan

The US 2 Route Development Plan (RDP) was the result of nearly 18 months of research and analysis by a dedicated team of people representing Snohomish County citizens, cities, emergency services agencies, businesses, transit, and the US 2 Safety Coalition. It was finalized in November 2007, one month after the Washington Traffic Safety Commission designated the highway as a traffic safety corridor.

What is a Route Development Plan?
A Route Development Plan (RDP) identifies transportation and safety issues on a state highway and develops solutions for the problems. An RDP can be used to help secure funding for community-supported, prioritized projects.

To obtain a copy of the US 2 Route Development Plan, please contact WSDOT Public Disclosure at:

US 2 RDP segments
Because US 2 is a distinctive highway that passes through cities and rural areas, the highway was divided into four segments for the RDP.

  • Segment 1 – I-5 to the west side of Monroe

 A large map showing the first segment of the US 2 traffic safety corridor between Everett and Monroe, Washington.

  • Segment 2 – city of Monroe

 A large map showing Segment two, in Monroe, of the US 2 traffic safety corridor in Washington.

  • Segment 3 – East Monroe to the east side of Gold Bar

A large map showing segment three, between Gold Bar and Sultan, of the US 2 traffic safety corridor in western Washington.

  • Segment 4 – East side of Gold Bar to Stevens Pass

A large map showing the fourth segment between Gold Bar and Stevens Pass, of the US 2 traffic safety corridor in Western Washington.