US 2 Traffic Safety Corridor - Corridor photos


The Traffic Safety Corridor runs from Everett to Stevens Pass
The US 2 Traffic Safety Corridor stretches nearly 65 miles from I-5 in Everett to Stevens Pass. US 2 runs through several communities and is a popular route for outdoor enthusiasts. US 2 is part of the Stevens Pass Greenway, which is a designated National Scenic Byway.

Governor Gregoire announces the safety corridor designation
In October 2007, then-Governor Christine Gregoire announced that US 2 had been designated a traffic safety corridor by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

The US 2 trestle near Everett
The US 2 Ebey Island Viaduct and Ebey Slough Bridge (known as the trestle) make up a mile and a half long stretch of US 2 between I-5 in Everett and SR 204 in Lake Stevens.

US 2 through Monroe
Through the city of Monroe, US 2 is a four-lane roadway with left-turn pockets through the downtown retail area. Monroe is one of the fastest-growing cities along US 2.

US through Gold Bar
The populations of Sultan and Gold Bar have grown dramatically over the past two decades. Traffic through these two cities is also largely affected by weekend traffic to Stevens Pass and eastern Washington.

US 2 through Startup
Like Gold Bar and Sultan, the city of Startup is affected by heavy weekend traffic. Homes and businesses in this area are often built directly next to US 2.

US 2 through Skykomish
The city of Skykomish, just over 15 miles west of the pass, is also affected by traffic headed to and from Stevens Pass Ski Area and destinations in eastern Washington.

Winter on US 2
US 2 near Index
US 2 is one of the main cross-state routes through the Cascade Mountains. Every winter WSDOT crews work hard to clear snow and ice and bring down avalanches to keep drivers safe on this mountain pass.

Crews working at Old Faithful
Crews work in an area known as "Old Faithful" - the most active avalanche zone at Stevens Pass, located two miles west of the summit.

A truck on US 2
A WSDOT truck is dwarfed by heavy snow accumulations on Stevens Pass.

A snowblower on US 2
A snowblower hard at work on Stevens Pass.