US 2 - Deer Road to Elk Chattaroy Road - Corridor Review - Road Designs

These diagrams show the planned design for construction of improvements along US 2 in the Mead area, from the SR 206 Intersection to Day-Mt. Spokane Road.  Construction is funded and planned for the 2017 season in conjunction with a planned paving project.

(All designs are subject to revision) 

Drawings are presented north to south

  1. Vicinity of Day Mt. Spokane Road (pdf 2.7 mb)
  2. South of Day Mt. Spokane Rd. (pdf 2.6 mb)
  3. Vicinity of Moody Road (pdf 2.7 mb)
  4. Vicinity of Lane Park Road (pdf 2 mb)
  5. Vicinity of Walker Road (pdf 2 mb)
  6. North of SR 206 intersection (pdf 2.3 mb)
  7. South of SR 206 intersection (2.5 mb)
  8. Roadway cross-section diagrams (pdf 183k)