US 101 - Matriotti Creek - Remove Fish Barrier - Complete November 2017

This project replaced a 5-foot diameter steel culvert with a 10-foot-high by 19-foot-wide box culvert that carries Mattriotti Creek under US 101 to improve fish passage. This work is part of WSDOT's Fish Passage Barrier Removal Program, which identifies and removes barriers to fish passage caused by culverts under state highways.


How you benefit

Protects environment
Replacing the culvert with a much larger box culvert, measuring 10 feet high by 19 feet wide, removed the existing barrier and opened five miles of potential fish habitat.

Fish will now be able to pass through this portion of the creek easier as the water is slower and the structure spans a more natural creek environment.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $2,728,000
Total $2,728,000


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