SR 96 - I-5 Interchange Vic to SR 9 Vic - Paving & ADA Compliance Complete August 2020


Our contractor crews from Cadman Inc. grinded down and removed old pavement then repaved SR 96 between I-5 and SR 9 near Snohomish. They also:

  • Installed a curb in the median of SR 96 at 12th Drive Southeast. This safety improvement restricts left turns.
  • Rebuilt dozens of curb ramps to improve sidewalk connections for people of all abilities.
  • Repaved the SR 96 on-ramps to northbound and southbound I-5.

How you benefit

Safety: Improving the highway surface eliminates and helps prevent future potholes, cracks and wheel ruts where water can collect. This provides a safer, smoother ride. Reconstructed ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps create an easier transition between street and sidewalk.
Economic: Paving reduces the need for emergency pavement repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause additional congestion during peak commute hours.


This $9.3 million project was paid for with pre-existing funds.


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