SR 542 - I-5 to Britton Road - Paving, Culvert and ADA Compliance - Project Photos

SR 542 begins in the City of Bellingham. It is a well traveled stretch of highway and WSDOT contractor crews will repave the first three miles of it in 2019.

Larger photo of SR 542 and Sunset with pedestrian at crossing and WSDOT staff looking at pedestrian push buttons.

Along with repaving, WSDOT contractor crews will improve some pedestrian crossings along SR 542 to bring them up to federal standard. This work will improve the trip for people walking or using wheelchairs along SR 542.

Larger photo of SR 542 project area between I-5 and Britton Road showing cracked pavement in a vertical photo.

WSDOT contractor crews will fix potholes, cracks and deep layers of road damage. Then the highway will be ground down and repaved to improve the surface for drivers and cyclists and to keep the highway preserved for years to come.