SR 526 - Et Al 5th Ave Vic to I-5 - Paving, ADA Compliance & Expansion Joints - Complete February 2019


We repaved sections of SR 526 between I-5 and west of Evergreen Way in Everett. We also repaved several on- and off-ramps connecting SR 526 with I-5 and Evergreen Way and improved nearby sidewalk ramps to create better connections for people of all abilities. In addition, we replaced five expansion joints on the northbound I-5 flyover ramp to westbound SR 526.

How you benefit

Economic: Repaving these lanes and ramps reduces the chances of cracks and potholes forming, which reduces maintenance costs.

Safety: Replacing the ramps on the sidewalks makes it easier for people of all abilities to use them.

Preservation: This repaving project protects the supporting layers beneath the driving surface, extending the highway’s lifespan. Replacing the expansion joints reduces the need for emergency repairs, which can be very disruptive.


Pre-existing funds: $4.5 million


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